Sports Nutrition

We coach athletes with the goal of long-term health & performance using behaviorism-focused nutrition coaching so they can maintain their goals, even when life gets busy.

Nutrition Coaching

As your nutrition coach, we’ll address your consistency killers, work together to transform habits, find out what’s triggering your hunger, address manipulating mindsets that sabotage good intentions, and implement fundamentals that apply to all seasons of life to empower you to get in charge of and around your food.


  • Evidence-based nutrition and behavior change coaching
  • Plans without nutrition dogma
  • Coaching that fits your lifestyle
  • Templates, meal & snack ideas, and more

Nutrition Seminars

Nutrition seminars allow for a group of athletes to come together and learn ways to support sports performance, recovery, and more at a lower cost that 1:1 coaching. Seminars can be done in-person (in El Paso, TX) or virtually.

  • Seminars are tailored to sport-specific information based on attendees/athletes
  • Will provide a copy of presentation slides, recipes, and any other pertinent handouts/resources

Please use the contact form below or email me at [email protected] regarding seminar hosting inquires.

Reasons for Nutrition Coaching


Support in Training Harder & Longer


Enhanced Concentration


Muscle Recovery Support


Delayed Onset of Fatigue


Support in Maintaining Healthy Immune Function


Improved Strength & Growth


Decreased Muscle Soreness


Reduced Potential for Injury


Improved Energy Levels

Getting Started is Easy

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We’ll work together to create a plan that fits your goals and guide you through action implementation. 

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